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Staff Information

Student Staff Positions:

Peer Assistance Leader: PALs

As a PAL, you are responsible for the direct interaction with students during the program. Being a PAL is a very rewarding experience because you make a positive impact on the lives of the incoming students. The students look up to you because you are a leader on campus. You will lead a different group of approximately 20-30 students each day of the program to the various workshops and presentations. In addition, you will facilitate discussion groups with your group of students each day of the program. These discussion groups allow for students to voice their concerns, ask questions, bond with classmates, and become more comfortable with their new environment. Being a PAL doesn’t end with Bobcat Preview. You also serve as a mentor to your students for the semester, checking in to make sure they are successfully acclimating into their first semester at Texas State. It is also very rewarding to see students from your groups apply to be a staff member for Bobcat Preview.  The application for this position is released in early Spring of each year.

Program Operations Leader: Pro-Ops

As a Pro-Op, you are a ­­­logistics and troubleshooting expert for the program. You are responsible for facilities management, general trouble-shooting, and traffic flow during all stages of Bobcat Preview. You are also responsible for making sure the students who attend this state-mandated and university-required program receive credit for attending by planning and implementing Bobcat Preview Check-In, as well as ensuring all students are swiped or scanned into each session throughout the week. The key to being a successful Program Operations Leader is flexibility. On some days, you may be assigned to a specific Den or you may serve as a floater. In either case, you must ensure that the Leadership Team, Co-Chairs, and Staff can rely on you for any assistance during the program in a timely manner.

Co-Chair Team:

A team of 14 Co-Chairs are hired by the Directors in mid-September. As a Co-Chair, you will work closely with the Leadership Team and your fellow Co-Chairs throughout the year on leadership, personal development, and team building through weekly meetings and a retreat each semester. Additionally, Co-Chairs assist the Leadership Team in planning the January and August Bobcat Preview programs. Being a Co-Chair is an experience where you will see substantial growth in your leadership abilities. As a part of the Bobcat Preview team, you will improve skills such as communication, conflict management, group dynamics, and self-awareness. Just before the spring semester begins, you will assist the Leadership Team in executing the January program. In mid-Spring, you will be partnered up with another Co-Chair, assigned to your Den, and begin the staff hiring process. Each Den will hire 20-30 staff members that you will supervise during the August program. In early August, you will complete your Co-Chair training and then assist the Leadership Team with the execution of staff training and the August Bobcat Preview program.  The application for this position is released at the conclusion of the Fall program.  Only students who have been employed as a PAL or Program Operations Leader may apply.

Leadership Team:


The two Directors are the primary executive officers for Bobcat Preview.  Hired in early September by their predecessors, the Directors are responsible for the bulk of the planning and logistics efforts for the program.  The Directors are also responsible for:

  • Hiring the Co-Chair Team
  • Coordinating and executing the nomination process
  • Choosing the Spring and Fall Bobcat Preview Namesakes
  • Supervising the staff hiring process
  • Supervising year-long marketing campaigns
  • Designing and procuring staff, volunteer, and class shirts
  • Planning and executing Spring and Fall Bobcat Preview programs
  • Sitting on university committees including the Bobcat Preview Steering Committee and the New Student Convocation Committee
  • Planning and coordinating all training events
  • Planning and executing Co-Chair retreats

Graduate Assistant

The GA is responsible for guiding and mentoring the Directors throughout the year.  The GA is also primarily responsible for coordinating the program assessments and developing the annual report to present to the Bobcat Preview Steering Committee post program.  Additionally the GA serves on the Bobcat Preview Steering Committee.


The Bobcat Preview Intern is usually a graduate student that assists the advisor with a semester-long project.  The Intern is also responsible for assisting with the Co-Chair retreats and advises the Directors in addition to the GA.


The Advisor is the most senior member of the Leadership Team.  The Advisor serves as the Co-Chairperson of the Bobcat Preview Steering Committee.  The Advisor and the GA are also responsible for leadership development of the Directors.