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Workshop Information

The programming for Bobcat Preview spans an entire week and includes a number of opportunities to connect to the campus community. During the week there are three distinct workshop blocks: We are Academically Successful, We are Caring & Diverse, and We are Healthy & Responsible. On Friday we introduce the Bobcats CARE and Bobcats are PROUD sessions which will introduce students to campus resources and the pride and traditions that make Texas State such an amazing place!   


We are Academically Successful

College Note Taking

Experience a sample lecture from some of Texas State’s most popular faculty as they take you into the world of a student in one of their classes. Presenters from the Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) will finish up this presentation with tips, details, and strategies to help you get the most out of your classes.

Computers...Time to Get Online!

All Texas State students have access to the campus computer resources, including an email account and access to the internet. Much of your communication, research, information, and creativity will be connected to computers on campus. In this presentation, you will learn the basics of TRACS, Bobcatmail, and CatsWeb.


We are Caring & Diverse

Stand Up, Speak Up!

This presentation will encourage you through videos, interactive polls and discussions how to make safe, informed and responsible decisions about alcohol. You will also learn to go from being a bystander to an upstander while navigating your way through college.

Diversity Experience

The newly founded Hip Hop Congress will take the stage to show you what diversity is all about, from gender issues, to disability issues to religious discrimination. This group is sure to please, and you won’t help but be moved by their performance. Just sit back and enjoy their rendition of diversity in today’s world.


We are Healthy & Responsible

Protecting and Serving

During this session, the Texas State University Police Department will give you “Just the Facts” on how to stay safe on campus. Topics include using the Bobcat Bobbies service, how you can learn Krav Maga-Self Defense, and how you can get involved with Campus Crime Stoppers. Campus Violence Prevention training will be discussed. You will also learn the who, why, when, where and what to do during an emergency on campus.

Every Texas State Student is protected under Title IX which prohibits sex-based discrimination in education. Students will learn what Title IX means for all students and the responsibility Texas State University has under the law. The presentation will discuss multiple ways a Title IX policy could be violated, who the student could report to if a Title IX violation has occurred, and what to expect from the process. Students will also recognize the role alcohol can have and the importance of understanding enthusiastic consent in every situation.

You Got This! Healthy Minds, Healthy Students

There are many adjustments to be made in the first year of college that can be stressful and interfere with achieving goals. With awareness about mental health and by using prevention skills, college stress can be turned into success!


Bobcats CARE

There are numerous involvement opportunities during your time at Texas State University. This program will allow you to immerse yourself in those experiences and provide you an opportunity to find ways to get involved! In addition to student organizations, campus and community partners will also be present so you can learn about the variety of resource within the campus community. Additionally,  you will receive your official Class of 2023 t-shirt during the Bobcats CARE program!


Bobcats are Proud

Join the entire Class of 2023 in Bobcat Stadium as we celebrate being Bobcats! Through a spirited pep-rally and large scale team building activities, you will get to experience the excitement of the Bobcat Spirit, meet new friends, and get an insider look of Bobcat Stadium.


New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation is a tradition here at Texas State University to help the incoming freshmen class kick off the new academic year Bobcat-style! Various speakers including the university president, the mayor of San Marcos, the incoming student body president, and others will address students. This is one of only two occasions where the entire freshmen class will be together in one place; the other being graduation. All students attending Bobcat Preview must also attend New Student Convocation.