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Bobcat Preview Namesakes

Spring 2019 Bobcat Preview Namesake

Tony Ghinelli

Bobcat Preview is excited to announce that Tony Ghinelli has been selected as the Spring 2019 Bobcat Preview Namesake! He will be represented by Den Ghinelli, a unique collection of students and staff that will attend the January Bobcat Preview program. 

Tony earned his Bachelor's degree in Marketing and his Master's in Education from Texas A&M University. As an undergraduate student, Tony was actively involved in orientation-focused student organizations and served as a marketing coordinator for the Athletics department. During his time in graduate school, Tony served as a Graduate Assistant for the Office of New Student and Family Programs. 

After college, Tony continued to work at Texas A&M in the Office of Off-Campus Student Support Services before finding his new home at Texas State University. Tony moved to the Austin area in January of 2015, serving as the Coordinator for Leadership and New Student Programs in the LBJ Student Center. In this role, he oversaw the Bobcat Preview program and conducted leadership curriculum for students and staff across campus. 

In January of 2018, Tony began his current position of Assistant Director within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Texas State University, overseeing New Student Orientation and the university's Bobcat Day programs. 

What are three things you love about Texas State?

  • The students. The students at Texas State are passionate and driven, creating a true community of scholars.
  • The campus. Texas State is a beautiful campus with amazing architecture. Plus, you get a built-in workout with all the hills!
  • The staff and faculty. Every person on this campus wants you to be successful, and we will work tirelessly to support you in any way we can.

2018 Bobcat Preview Namesakes


THANK YOU to our 2018 Bobcat Preview Namesakes for serving our seven wonderful Dens this past August! We were so grateful to have each and every one of you involved with our new Bobcats' transition to Texas State! 

Victoria Black

Department/Office: University College

Position: Director of PACE Peer Mentoring

Den Color: Purple

What Nominators Said: "Victoria is a staff member that is extremely interested in the well-being of freshmen students. She is the director of Peer Mentors and always wants the best for the freshmen students and even the Peer Mentors. She puts all of her dedication and hard work into making sure everything is going well and always emphasizes self-care to make sure all of her students and other staff members are well taken care of. I think she should be recognized for how hard she works to take care of others. This would be a great opportunity to showcase her dedication to Texas State and the students of Texas State."

Marsha Burney

Department/Office: Communication Studies

Position: Lecturer

Den Color: Green

What Nominators Said: "Ms. Burney is the definition of dedication. She has never failed to impress me with her love and dedication in the classroom. Even though her class is considered required, I consider myself lucky for getting her as my professor. I would want to be in her class regardless of requirements. Thank you!"


Bob Dudolski

Department/Office: Dean of Students, Greek Affairs

Position: Assistant Dean of Students (Greek Affairs)

Den Color: Yellow

What Nominators Said: "Bob has served as a guiding light to the Greek community, and an extremely helpful middle man between the school and Greek organizations. Using Bob as a Bobcat Preview Namesake would familiarize new students with Bob and shed a positive light on Greek life, encouraging new Bobcats to find their home in a Greek organization here on our great campus."

Bruce Howard

Bruce Howard

Department/Office: Career Services

Position: Career Advisor

Den Color: Baby Blue

What Nominators Said: "If you haven't met Bruce Howard yet, you are missing out. He is incredibly kind, generous, wise, and caring and serves as a mentor to many students and also staff. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him while I was a Career Advisor in Career Services, and I can honestly say that he changed my life. The way that he is able to motivate people and encourage people to be the best that they can be is unmatched. Texas State is so lucky to have Bruce as a staff member. Bruce Howard is a great example of someone deserving this recognition."

Shane Lowe

Department/Office: Mathematics

Position: Lecturer

Den Color: Royal Blue

What Nominators Said: "Best professor I've had. He made the class very easy even though it is a difficult course. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I ended up with an A in the class."

"He is a super patient professor who allows for a lot of mistakes, teaches us to fix them, and helps us learn from them."

Jeff McVey III

Department/Office: Chemistry & Biochemistry

Position: Senior Lecturer

Den Color: Red

What Nominators Said: “Mr. McVey is one of the most cooperative and close-to-heart people I have met in my first semester at Texas State. In his lectures, he uses the coolest analogies for students to help them understand the material. On a personal level, I was breaking down after I was informed that my grandfather had passed away and that I will have to travel to my hometown ASAP. The date of the plane ticket conflicted with the date of the final of his class. I went to his office and he was completely cooperative and understanding. He offered to let me take the final a few days earlier and let me choose a day when I did not have other finals to take. He then started asking me about my hometown and we had one of the most motivational conversations I had ever had. It helped me forget about my sadness. He is a great lecturer and an awesome human and he deserves to be recognized.”

Alexander Villalobos

Alex Villalobos

Department/Office: University Police

Position: Lieutenant

Den Color: Orange

What Nominators Said: "He has been very helpful with resources concerning the Hispanic population on campus with Hispanic Policy Network."

"Strong leader in the community!"

Nomination Process

In the Fall semesters, the Directors and their team of Co-Chairs spread out on campus to take nominations for Bobcat Preview Namesake. Students, faculty, and staff nominate members of the university community to be recognized for their incredible service to this university and for improving the collegiate experiences of students here.

Once nominations period has been ended, the Co-Chairs tally up and record all of the nominations. After the start of the Spring semester, the Leadership Team narrows down the candidates and selects the final seven Namesakes. The Bobcat Preview Steering Committee selects the Spring Bobcat Preview Namesake.

Namesake Nominations for Fall 2019 Bobcat Preview are now closed. We will announce in our seven new namesakes in the Spring 2019 semester!