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  • Bobcat Preview is a transition program that provides “just in time” information for new students so they can have a smooth transition to the University environment. This takes place a week before school starts, right after student check-in.

  • Bobcat Preview is required for every new and incoming student to Texas State University who is part of the PACE Cohort or has less than 30 college credit hours post high school graduation. You can find the PACE Cohort requirements by following this link. To find out how many credit hours you have on record here at Texas State, please contact the Registrar's Office.

  • The university has identified the need to provide "just in time" skills and information to ensure students' success in college. In addition, Texas State University is required by the State of Texas to provide specific information to students and to assure student competency in certain areas. The Bobcat Preview program has been designed to meet both state and university requirements.
  • Bobcat Preview and New Student Orientation are both mandatory programs for new students here at Texas State University.  Bobcat Preview and NSO are two of the three New Student Experience programs here at Texas State University.  The third program, Cat Camp, is an optional pride and traditions camp that occurs prior to the beginning of class in the Fall.  Students must attend NSO and Bobcat Preview, but you have the option to participate in Cat Camp.

  • Please contact us at or 512-245-8295 and we'll help you find it!

  • If you are in an LLC Section (example: R03) or Honors Section (example: H01), then your section will be listed out as it is along with the other US1100 section numbers.

  • There is no fee to attend Bobcat Preview.

  • You may use your meal plan if you have one or pay with cash or credit card to dine on campus.  For more information about on-campus dining, please visit the Texas State Dining website.

  • Until the first day of classes, any student with a parking permit will be allowed to park in any Residential or Commuter parking spaces. Please check out the Parking Services website for more information on purchasing a permit and viewing parking maps.

    If you are a student who lives on campus, it is highly encouraged that you walk from your residence hall to all portions of the program.

  • You will stay where you will be living for the upcoming semester.  Students living in the residence halls will already be moved in for Bobcat Preview.  For more information about Housing & Residential Life, visit their website here.

    If you are a commuting student, you will be commuting to your Bobcat Preview sessions.

  • During Bobcat Preview, students will attend presentations and sessions specifically designed to provide necessary information to new students here at Texas State Univeristy.

  • A hold will be placed on your student account.  This hold will prevent you from registering for subsequent semesters or acquiring transcripts until you complete the make-up requirements for Bobcat Preview.  Shortly after Bobcat Preview, you will receive a letter explaining what you must do in order to get the hold removed from your student account.  It is YOUR responsibility to make up Bobcat Preview.

  • YES!  Bobcat Preview is an incredible opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and learn about what Texas State has to offer and how to be successful here.  We hire and train an incredibly talented staff who are extremely passionate about helping and acclimating new students to Texas State University.

  • If you have scheduling conflicts, contact the Bobcat Preview Office at (512) 245-8295 or e-mail us at  This is only if you have a legitimate reason, not just if you do not feel like attending.

  • Your Class of 2023 Shirt will be distributed during check-in on August 19th. If you did not receive a shirt, please stop by the Info Desk located on the 2nd floor of the LBJ Student Center close to the University Bookstore. It will be open on Monday - Friday from 8am until 5pm.