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Texas State University


Bobcat Preview at Texas State

Bobcat Preview is an orientation program that takes place after your New Student Orientation (NSO), right before classes start each semester! Our goal is to provide incoming students all the information they need to be successful in their first year as a bobcat!
Group photo of Bobcat Preview PALs posing for a picture.

Join Bobcat Preview!

Bobcat Preview is a student organization dedicated to supporting new bobcats! Bobcat Preview has 150 PALs in our organization. PALs are Peer Assistance Leaders who play a crucial role in guiding new students throughout Bobcat Preview Week! Fill out our interest form so you can be notified when we interview for PAL positions within Bobcat Preview.

It was a great experience in my eyes and it’s something I’ll never forget. I made some great first college memories that I’ll always cherish.
-New Student, Class of 2023