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Bobcat Preview

Be a part of 20 years of Texas State tradition!

Once you have completed new student orientation, you are ready for the next step in becoming a Bobcat - Bobcat Preview! This kick-off program will introduce you to the programs, services, activities, people and traditions at Texas State. It's your chance to preview campus life and experience the excitement, Texas State-style!

What is Bobcat Preview?

Bobcat Preview is a transition program designed to give new students at Texas State "just in time" information that will help you be successful college students. After the completion of New Student Orientation, students will receive notification of the session they are assigned to attend. This is a required program for all entering freshmen who are part of the PACE Program or students with 0-29 credit hours post high school graduation. Your first year at a new university can set the tone for your entire college experience; it's important to get off to the right start. At Bobcat Preview, we'll provide you the tips and resources you'll need to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Where can I find my schedule?

You can find your schedule in a variety of ways! You can find our general schedule overview here, or you can download our TXST Events app to see more specifics about our workshop days and what Den you are in. Downloading instructions can be found here. If you do not have access to a smart phone or are currently experiencing issues with our app and your Android, you can still access our desktop version of the app here.

What are the benefits?

Too many to list! To name just a few benefits of Bobcat Preview, you'll find out what you'll need to succeed at Texas State; learn where to turn for help and answers; connect with a wide array of campus services; meet faculty, staff and your fellow students; get connected to campus technology resources; and share in 100 years of Texas State traditions.

What about meals?

The first day of Bobcat Preview, dinner will be provided at the President's Block Party. For all other days of Bobcat Preview, you will be eating meals on your own. Students on a meal plan may use their plan or Bobcat Buck$ to purchase meals during Bobcat Preview. Students without a meal plan must pay cash or use Bobcat Buck$ for any of the meals.

How does Bobcat Preview fit in with New Student Orientation?

Texas State University offers three New Student Experience programs: New Student Orientation (NSO), Cat Camp, and Bobcat Preview. Both NSO and Bobcat Preview are mandatory programs for new students here at Texas State University. Cat Camp, is an optional pride and traditions camp. Students are required to attend NSO and Bobcat Preview, but you have the option to participate in Cat Camp. You will attend your NSO and optionally attend Cat Camp in the summer before your first semester at Texas State. Then Bobcat Preview will take place a week before Fall classes start. 

If you are a new student looking for more information about Bobcat Preview, please use the tabs above to direct through our site! We also have a FAQ found at this link.

It's a great day to be a Bobcat!