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Bobcat Preview Namesakes

2018 Bobcat Preview Namesakes

This year we collected a record number of nominations for our Namesake honor. We will announce the 2018 Namesakes in early Spring! 

Spring 2018 Bobcat Preview Namesake

Jack Rahmann

Bobcat Preview is excited to announce that Jack Rahmann has been selected as the Spring 2018 Bobcat Preview Namesake! He will be represented by Den Rahmann, a unique collection of students and staff that will attend the January Bobcat Preview program. 

Jack earned his undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management from Michigan State and later an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago. While a student at Michigan State, Jack was actively involved in student organizations, worked on the facilities crew in Residence Halls, and held positions in local restaurants. As a student at DePaul University, Jack served in a Graduate Assistantship with the School of Business.

Following college, Jack moved to Idaho to pursue a career in the resort industry and be closer to skiing, fishing and backpacking. At Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, ID, Jack managed the resort's food and beverage department, and eventually ran the resort's hotel operations. 

After his work in the resort industry, Jack & his wife started what became a successful landscape services and property management company in Sun Valley. After ten years of business, Jack parted ways with his landscape business and pursued a new venture as the Assistant Director of Operations at the Boise State University Student Union in 2000. 

In 2014, Jack and his family moved to Texas for his new position as the LBJ Student Center Director at Texas State University. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Director and Namesake!

And now, a welcome message from Jack:

"I am very fortunate to work in the Student Union profession because I have the opportunity to work with and mentor students while providing a wide range of campus activities and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. My job keeps me young and there is so much to learn. I love Texas Sate and am excited to begin another new semester. Go Bobcats!"

2017 Bobcat Preview Namesakes

Last year we received over 700 nominations recognizing a tremendous list of faculty and staff that have made an impact during their time at Texas State. Below you can see the list of Namesakes from our 2017 program year. 

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop

Department/Office: Department of History

Position: Associate Professor

Den Color: Yellow

What Nominators Said: "Dr. Bishop is a fantastic history professor.  On top of this she is the advisor for two organizations on campus.  She specifically is the advisor for Model Arab League and helps students feel comfortable in the organization and when the work that needs to be put into it.  She tirelessly works to apply for grants and gets us involved in opportunities that help is with the careers we want.  Dr. Bishop is always willing to write reference letters and help us get to where we want to be.  She also works hard to get to know us on a personal level so we have a home and a resource here at the university."


Dr. Rachel Davenport

Dr. Rachel Davenport

Department/Office: Department of Biology

Position: Senior Lecturer

Den Color: Purple

What Nominators Said: "Dr. Davenport is one of the rare professors who genuinely makes the students feel like she cares if they pass or fail her class.  She tailors her lectures to the time we have in class, and throughout moving from section to section is more than happy to ask if there is anything that she can help clarify.  She is explicit in informing you on what her goals are for you to learn and what you are expected to learn, and while we have lecture she uses an in class polling system (Tophat, similar to turning point clickers), and constantly asks questions for us to answer in class."

Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia

Department/Office: Admissions - New Student Orientation

Position: Assistant Director

Den Color: Royal Blue

What Nominators Said: "Javier should be selected as a Namesake, because he is a true Texas State Bobcat. He was an undergrad here and then came back as a professional, which shows his love and dedication to the university. Javier is the definition of a leader and pushes you to do your absolute best, even if you don't quite know what that is yet. He sees the strength in people and all that they have to offer. As the head Coordinator for New Student Orientation the past several years, he's had a hand in creating or strengthening the student leaders we have all over campus. Our NSO staff has grown to over double what it was when he first became the Coordinator and our Orientation is nationally recognized for it's overlapping sessions model which he had a part in creating. He is an asset to the university who constantly works to make this university spectacular. Javier is a big part of making Texas State feel like home."

Dr. Kyle Glaser

Kyle Glaser

Department/Office: School of Music

Position: Associate Director of Bands

Den Color: Orange

What Nominators Said: "Kyle Glaser is the director of the Bobcat Marching band, in addition to teaching classes and conducting the Symphonic Winds band. He puts all of his effort into making the marching band into the fabulous organization it has become. Over 350 students and staff adore him, and the work that he does. The way he directs the band gives it a family feel, and it gives students a home on campus before classes even start. My freshman year, band gave me a sense of relief from classes, and gave me something to look forward to every other day. He truly loves what he does, and it shows through his work and throughout the entire band. Dr. Kyle Glaser should be a namesake because he is an amazing person, and truly cares about his students and their successes."

Dr. Paige Haber-Curran

Dr. Paige Haber-Curran

Department/Office: Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education & School Psychology

Position: Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Student Affairs in Higher Education

Den Color: Green

What Nominators Said: “As the Program Coordinator for the Student Affairs in Higher Education Master’s program, Dr. Haber-Curran mentors many of the graduate students who work across campus both academically and professionally. She always goes above and beyond to ensure we have the tools we need to be successful graduate students and new professionals. Dr. Haber-Curran challenges her students while teaching us about leadership, social justice, and higher education. She embodies the qualities of a phenomenal educator, and has made Texas State a welcoming place for the students in the SAHE program.”

Jesse Silva

Department/Office: SDI - Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Position: Assistant Director

Den Color: Light Blue

What Nominators Said: "Jesse Silva should be selected as a Bobcat Preview Namesake because he is constantly changing lives silently. I met Mr. Jesse Silva over the summer before my freshman year at a conference and he reached out to me when he found out I was an incoming freshman. During our weekend at the conference, he took me under his wing and introduced me to other Bobcats like me --undocumented and in need of inclusion. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have met Jesse because if we hadn't met, I would have been more terrified that I already was and I would have been friendless. I don't think that I would have felt welcome or have been as involved with organizations I really care about if it hadn't been for Jesse. I am very happy here at Texas State and my mentor is one of the main contributors towards that happiness. This is why Mr. Jesse Silva should be selected as a Bobcat Preview Namesake, because he goes above and beyond his duties and has changed many lives, just like mine. "

Corporal Sue Taylor

Department/Office: University Police

Position: Corporal

Den Color: Red

What Nominators Said: "Officer Taylor is an amazing presence on campus and deserves to be a Bobcat Preview Namesake! She is always engaging with students and really makes connections with them. She is genuine and cares for student safety and support. Sue has been part of the Bobcat Preview program for years and impacts every incoming student in the process."

"She is one of the most involved staff members I know. Very interactive with students."

Nomination Process

In the Fall semesters, the Directors and their team of Co-Chairs spread out on campus to take nominations for Bobcat Preview Namesake. Students, faculty, and staff nominate members of the university community to be recognized for their incredible service to this university and for improving the collegiate experiences of students here.

Once nominations period has been ended, the Co-Chairs tally up and record all of the nominations.  After the start of the Spring semester, the Leadership Team narrows down the candidates and selects the final seven Namesakes.  The Bobcat Preview Steering Committee selects the Spring Bobcat Preview Namesake.

Nominations are now closed! Thank you to everyone who nominated a staff or faculty this year. Namesakes will be announced early in the spring!