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Make-Up Information

A hold has been placed on all student accounts who have not completed the requirements. This hold was placed if you have not completed the make-up for the required sessions you missed OR if you have not completed the CampusClarity online module. Please take the time to complete your sessions NOW or you will be unable to register for classes.

Make-up information is as follows. All components must be completed ASAP!


  • If you have not completed the online alcohol course, go to and click on "Think About It".
    • Use your TXST E-Mail Address and credentials to login to the server (ex:


  • All other portions of the program can be made up from any device with internet access at this website:
    • Use your netid to login to the server (ex: abc123)
    • If you receive a '500 Error', contact ITAC (512.245.4822) to clear the error.

CHECK YOUR TXST E-MAIL. Students who missed any components of the Fall Bobcat Preview should have received an initial email on Friday, September 23, 2016 detailing what components they missed and how to make those up. A second e-mail was then sent on October 6th stating that a hold was placed on your account for not completing the required program. Both e-mails contain a link to the make-up site as well so students can check up on their progress.

Because this experience is required of all new students with fewer than 30 transferrable credit hours and/or a member of the PACE cohort, you will need to make up any required sessions that you missed. Failure to do so will jeopardize your spring registration eligibility.

Students who miss any components of the Fall Bobcat Preview Program will have to make-up these sessions during the Fall semester.

Bobcat Preview is a mandatory program for every new and incoming student who is part of the PACE Program or has less than 30 college credit hours post high school graduation. 

Failure to make up the missed sessions will jeopardize your spring registration eligibility.